Exploration #10: One Thing

One thing: Exploration #10 : Week #10 The assignment is to pick one object – can be found in my own belongings, on the street, in someone else’s pocket, under the couch –… Continue reading

Museum in a Box

For those of you who have just joined me, I am spending the year going through Keri Smith’s book How to be an Explorer of the World. And what fun it is! Week #9:… Continue reading

Fun with Sun…and paper and cotton and seeds and a slinky…

Okay…I know I haven’t posted my exploration assignment for the week. I loaned my book to a friend a few weeks ago (I took photos of the assignments) and I ran out of… Continue reading

Cracks! [what I find when I look down]

This is a fun one: Week 8: Exploration #8 Document the cracks in your neighborhood…. So naturally, I took my camera out on my walk to work (can my neighborhood be a mile… Continue reading

World of Color

Exploration Experiment #7: WORLD OF COLOR Okay…this week is a fun one – I need to document the colors from my favorite book, my dreams and/or my memories As soon as I read… Continue reading

Love + Light : 2nd Annual Contemporary Art and Light Exhibition

Studio Blue Bird and Abbie R Powers invite you to:     This contemporary exhibition features installations inside the Historic Loveland Feed & Grain by 13 artists working with light and the concept… Continue reading

Week 6 – Digging through memories inspired by objects

WEEK 6: EXPLORATION #6: ARCHAEOLOGICAL DIG Collect objects that relate to your childhood or inspire memories – write a story for each My collected objects as of late have been mental objects –… Continue reading

Collecting mental objects and the moon

The exploration assignment for this week (which, I apologize, I am late posting) is as follows: THE FIRST THING YOU SEE Create a collection based on the very first object you find on… Continue reading

Exploration #4: My Collection (and a red bird)

WEEK 4: EXPLORATION #4: COLLECT OBJECTS ONLY ON YOUR WALK TO WORK (TRY TO FIND 30) Things I Collected Big Leaf 3 Little Leaves 3 Helicopter Seeds Handful of Pine Needles Prickly Branch… Continue reading

Dyeing silk: an exciting new scarf!

Good morning! Yesterday I made a wonderful scarf and I felt the need to share it with you. I am so excited about it and can’t wait to see what other scarves come… Continue reading