Saturday Afternoon Felting (how to make a major mess in your kitchen)

I jumped out of bed on Saturday and hit the ground running. No magazines, no tree-staring over a cup of hot coffee, no squishing Mr. Kitty against his will. Just half a cup of coffee… Continue reading

Ladies and Gents, We Have Uptake (I MacGyvered my spinning wheel)

Let’s face it, if you’ve ever tried your hand at spinning yarn on a spinning wheel, you will have an intimate understanding of what I am about to write. If you haven’t had… Continue reading

Yep. The day has come.

I am doing it. I am quitting my day job to be an artist. Well, to try my hand at supporting myself (and husband and Mr. Kitty) as an artist. I suppose I’ve… Continue reading

Betty White Kicked Me Today

And Betty White kicked me yesterday. Square on the shin. She left a bruise. I know what you’re thinking. Why did she let Betty White kick her? And, what did she do to… Continue reading

Yogurt- The Superfood…or a super tasty treat

I make yogurt. I eat yogurt. I like yogurt. Yogurt is good for me and good for you. Let’s all eat yogurt. Yogurt is expensive. The yogurt container is empty all too soon.… Continue reading

cafe Dreams… feh.kava.kahvi.caife.caffe.kaffii.kavy

Between the ages of 17 and 22, my life dream was to own a coffee shop. I spent hours on the patios of several choice shops around the eastern half of Nebraska (yes,… Continue reading

Layers layers layers…

Colorado is the land of layers! The temperature has been dropping here- almost a forty degree difference between day and night. This drop in temperature allows the trees to work their magic! There’s… Continue reading

hot and delicious right from the oven!

Here it is- straight out of the oven. Crisp and golden brown, when cut open the steam rises revealing the soft, crummy inside. Zucchini Bread. Cinnamon and deliciousness. There is nothing quite like… Continue reading

between the pages

It’s like slipping on that skirt that makes me want to go dancing, or running my hands over a checkered blanket with visions of a picnic on green pastures by the river with… Continue reading

jazz and checkerboard floors

A quick story: It was 2 am and I was sitting next to a couple of friends in the subway station deep below the streets of New York, waiting for the train that would… Continue reading