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A Ristra!

One thing I love about Nebraska is the fertile soil, especially the soil at my parents’ farm. A dear friend once said that you could just drop some seeds and they would grow… Continue reading

The final bottle of west coast pale ale from our Mr. Beer brew kit…

Okay, I must admit, this post is a long time coming. The writer and I brewed our first batch of Mr. Beer home-brew way back in March. Yikes! That seems like forever ago.… Continue reading

Homemade cherry pie from fresh picked cherries!

Here it is: the cherry pie I promised to share with all of you a few weeks ago! The quick story: my parents live on a farm in Nebraska and every summer we… Continue reading

Hours in the cherry tree – homemade cherry pie!

It’s that time of year! Okay, so it’s actually one month early…but that’s how it is this year in Colorado and Nebraska. It’s cherry harvest time! My parents have an orchard on their… Continue reading

My garden exploded! [and snoopy in his natural habitat]

I went on a trip. I was gone for 2 1/2 weeks. I was not worried about my garden as my elderly neighbor has roughly 100 flower pots in and around our yard… Continue reading

Snoopy steals radish! The first harvest from my tiny salad garden…

I harvested my first radish of the season! I went against all good advice and planted my salad garden March 28th (not a very wise thing here in Colorado). But, we’ve had such… Continue reading

A whirlwind weekend: sushi, alpaca shearing and a 5K run

This weekend has been full of adventure and fun, and several firsts! My mother and grandmother came out for a whirlwind weekend (and a little down time : ). On the agenda: a… Continue reading

Rolls: sweet, warm, yeasty and delicious…and super easy!

There’s nothing like the smell of freshly baked bread filling the house with its sweet, yeasty warmth. Well, maybe breaking open that first hot, steamy roll and letting it melt in your mouth!… Continue reading

The Liebster Blog Award (fiber hound dogs, pet bunnies, porcelain installation art and Nepal…)

Greetings and good morning to you! The weather has been absolutely beautiful out here in Colorado this week. The mornings are cool and the sun shines brightly on my ever-growing radishes as the… Continue reading

The radishes are up – and Snoopy is here to supervise

They’re here! They’re here! Those wonderful radish sprouts that never cease to amaze me with their enthusiasm have arrived. We’ve had a wonderfully warm spring (and delightfully mild winter for that matter) and… Continue reading