about abbie

thinking about brownies at an art opening!

I am Abbie R Powers: artist, foodie, and farm-girl.

A little about me: I grew up in rural Nebraska chasing cattle and riding horses. I’ve built many a fort in the woods, served mud pies, and camped under the stars. I moved to Massachusetts in pursuit of a Master of Fine Arts degree in Sculpture and enjoyed spending my free time walking the beaches in New Bedford and on Cape Cod.

Where I live: With degree in hand, my husband and I moved west, with our very special cat Mortimer P Lionel Jones, in search of mountains. We settled in Colorado and I spend my days writing poems in my head about those beautiful mountains.

Alpacas?!: I spent nearly a year working on an alpaca ranch, caring for the animals and immersing myself in the world of natural fiber. I have come to love the alpacas and enjoy getting to know their over the top personalities. Each one of those fluffy fellows is quirky and wonderful! Also, the fiber is amazing: sustainable, green, natural, super soft, insulating, and the animals are easy on the earth.

My work: I’ve never had a 9-5 job and I honestly don’t ever intend on having one of those things. I’ve worked in fast food, at a welding shop, in a fine art office during college, at a coffee shop, as an artist, as a Teacher of Record for a university, as a handyman at an inn on Cape Cod, as an alpaca wrangler, and now as a fiber artist. What you see here, and on Etsy is what I do. I also do fiber art demos around the area, and teach classes on the techniques of fiber arts.

The writer: My husband Aaron is a writer. He also works from home doing page layouts and graphic design for a non-profit, public policy think tank located in Boston. He knew what he was getting into when he married me, and he’s happily along for the adventure! If I ever refer to “the writer” in my posts, it’s this fellow that I am talking about.

Why I blog: Everywhere I go I see so many vibrant colors and textures; we live in such a tactile world! I am often overwhelmed with the beauty and diversity I see and can’t help but want to share it with others. I only hope that I can do it justice! So please, sit back, grab a steaming cup of tea, cocoa or coffee and enjoy the ride…

p.s.- you can get ahold of me at  camelhairandhoney at gmail.com  if you should like!