the hall part 2 – fiber and installation art at Artworks Loveland

The Hall Part 2

This is a photo tour of the show I set up for June in the hall at Artworks Loveland. It consists of suspended hand dyed silks and cottons, abstract landscape drawings, and installation and fiber art. If you missed part one, please check out those photos here.

Part two is my installation and fiber art, made from found and repurposed materials. Check it out:

I picked these flowers for you [what keeps me from floating into the sky] This piece is made from repurposed sweaters and candle wax and is suspended in the skylight at the end of the hall.

They remind me of flowers or hats or waffle cones…so many things to so many people!

They cut a fabulous silhouette against the white ceiling and blue of the skylight.

collecting myself [my history, my future] This installation is made of my own hair that I’ve been collecting for several months now. Each tiny sculpture represents a day when I washed my hair. My hair is a very personal part of who I am, it’s also a record of my life for the past 3 years. See the last picture to read the statement for this piece.

Each tiny hair sculpture is placed carefully on a sewing pin in the wall. Below each is a sticker with the date of collection, one by one marking off my weeks and months.

I dyed my hair red partway through the collection process for this piece. Here you can see the transition and then follow the progression of the color through each dye cycle.

And finally, my artist statement sharing my thoughts on this installation art piece made of hair. (If it’s too small to read, click on the picture to open it up larger in a new window.)