the hall part 1 – suspended silk to brighten up Artworks Loveland

The Hall

The Hall is located in Artworks Loveland and June is my month to fill it up! Rather than doing a large scale installation in the hall, I decided to shake things up a bit and display my ever colorful scarves on the walls and the ceiling, thus turning the hall into a colorful feast for the eyes with installation art and drawings thrown in the mix. It’s a really great representation of the varying work that I do as an artist. And, there were so many photos that I decided to break it up into two posts, this one is silk and drawings, the next post will be installation and fiber art. Check it out:

Here’s the view down the hall toward my studio door. On the walls I hung hand dyed silk and cotton scarves, drawings and an installation piece using my hair. I installed several scarves on the ceiling, as well as a silk piece and a cone piece in the skylight…

Drawings on the wall framed with black electrical tape, courtesy of Denny Haskew. Hand dyed cotton scarves brighten up the white walls. In the middle of the hall on the ceiling I installed silk fabric to color and texture the ceiling.

Three abstract landscape drawings I made after a trip down a river in Utah. Hand dyed silk and cotton scarves hang down from the ceiling.

the space between the land and sky, drawn as an abstract landscape on a trip down a river in Utah a few weeks ago. The black tape frame was done by Denny Haskew.

the space between the land and sky, an abstract drawing of seeds

This piece grew out of the desire to use this luxurious silver gray silk piece as part of the hall installation. The piece needed fullness, so I textured a white piece of silk to match and intertwined them on the ceiling.

These two silk scarves dyed in the shibori technique take on underwater or animal like characteristics when suspended from the ceiling in this manner.