intrinsic connections – painting and sculpture installation with Denny Haskew and Abbie Powers – #2

intrinsic connections part 2:

The entry view for the show “intrinsic connections,” an installation of paintings and sculpture by Denny Haskew with guest installation and performance artist Abbie Powers.

Figurative sculpture and paintings by Denny Haskew, paper finishes done in collaboration with Abbie R Powers.

New bronze sculptures with paintings by Denny Haskew. Paper finishes done with Abbie Powers.

Installation of watercolor paintings, oil paintings and bronze sculptures with paper patinas (done as a collaboration with Abbie Powers)…

A view of the show from inside the gallery at Artworks Loveland. Moulding our Future, a large-scale bronze sculpture by Denny Haskew, stands with a new paper surface, courtesy of a collaboration with Abbie R Powers. Oil paintings, watercolors and bronze sculptures comprise the show, which is up until the end of July.