intrinsic connections – painting and installation show with Denny Haskew and Abbie Powers – #1

Here’s the story: I met an artist who works with bronze and paints and draws. His name is Denny Haskew. He’s been encouraging me to branch out and do bigger work, as well as bring out my pens again and start drawing. Through months of conversations about art, we decided to start collaborating on work together. We work on drawings together, talk about and work on installations and also have been doing surface work on bronzes together. The next 3 blog posts are a visual tour of the current show intrinsic connections, a show featuring the work of Denny with me as a guest collaborative artist. The show is up at Artworks Loveland until the end of July. This post shows the paper surface work we’ve done on several bronze sculptures, as well as the sculpture I will be using for an interactive installation involving string and a skylight.

The first official paper and bronze piece by Denny and Abbie – the bronze is by Denny Haskew.

Moulding our Future by Denny Haskew

Moulding our Future, a large scale bronze piece, stands to welcome visitors to the show. The surface has been re-imagined using paper by Abbie and Denny.

Moulding our Future, the seven foot bronze sculpture by Denny Haskew with a new paper surface courtesy of the collaboration between Denny an Abbie Powers.

This bronze sculpture by Denny Haskew will soon become part of a fiber installation by Abbie Powers.