Buttons buttons buttons

Another exploration assignment! Week #11: Exploration #11: Differences

This is one of my favorite topics…differences are what make this world so amazing! Every single rock is different from the one next to it, every tree has its own special qualities, each person is different from the next person – life is so rich and full because of all the differences surrounding us. Differences should be celebrated and appreciated!

So…back to the assignment at hand: collect a group of similar objects, lay them out and evaluate them…then celebrate their differences! Here goes:

buttonsI found 25 buttons that are each unique, special and delightful in their own right. So let’s celebrate:

  • orange, cream, pink, red, blue, green, brown, black, tan, white, clear, gold, gray, silver
  • shiny, matte
  • plastic, wood, metal, paint
  • round, triangular, square, heart-shaped, oblong
  • 1 hole, 2 holes, 3 holes, 4 holes
  • words, no words
  • solid colored, marbled, textured, bi-colored, painted
  • itty bitty, medium-sized, large
  • flat, raised edges, lined holes
  • holes through the top, holes only on the back
  • chipped, brand new, fabric glued to back