Museum in a Box

For those of you who have just joined me, I am spending the year going through Keri Smith’s book How to be an Explorer of the World. And what fun it is!

Week #9: Exploration #9   (I know…I’m a couple of weeks behind, so I’m doing a few this week : )

Miniature Museum: Collect small things and keep them in a small container…I’m using a smallish wooden box to store my little treasures…

Museum in a BoxAnd inside the lid:

plastic toys my little sister gave me as a birthday gift when I turned 12, an antique mirror with an image of one of the writer’s relatives on it, a hand stitched teenage mutant ninja turtle that was a gift from a friend, castor bean seeds, lipstick from New York, a sparkly rock, a clock key, two lost keys

little treasures in my museum in a boxAnd in the top drawer:

cotton and a jawbone from a deer (I found it in a cornfield)

cotton and a deer jawboneAnd the second drawer:

a silver spoon and a “pod” made of embroidered paper from a book, wax and string (once part of a sculpture I made)

silver spoon and paper art

And the bottom drawer:

tiny spotted feathers from a guinea hen and a tiny handmade book with pressed flowers inside

spotted feathers and a tiny handmade book