Week 6 – Digging through memories inspired by objects

week 6 - archaeological dig inspired by objects


Collect objects that relate to your childhood or inspire memories – write a story for each

My collected objects as of late have been mental objects – so naturally this collection of objects and memories will also be completely mental. There’s something to be said about possessing a rich and varied mental collection – carefully curated, catalogued and organized – one through which I may wander about as needed to preserve where I’ve been and where I’m headed.


1. A tree root that possess the same visceral qualities as the muscles in a horses neck –

I spent my childhood in a tree, in any tree, in all the trees. I understand the presence of a tree, the power of a tree, the breath of a tree. I respected the fact that a tree could hold me, cradle me, allow me to wrap my arms around it and feel something from deep within the earth. I’ve often wondered about the secret lives of trees – the part that is quietly, patiently seeking and growing in the soft, warm, moist depths of the cities we walk through and pastures and fields we drive by. The same pastures and fields I’ve ridden over holding the reins of a bridle that guides my horse – feeling each muscle move beneath me, soaking in the power of the movement in the neck of my horse. It was all I could do to keep from leaning forward into the neck of my horse, burying my face in his mane and breathing in the warm smells of animal, of nature, of earth, wrapping my arms around this beast – trying to capture for a brief moment the essence of a horse, the essence of a tree.

2. A stray rubber band –

My sisters and I had epic rubber band battles across the living room and over the furniture. They lasted for hours and we were always finding stray rubber bands after the wreckage had been cleared.

3. Elevated curbs and brick walls –

As a child, oh who am I kidding, even as an adult, I have been challenging my physical environment and boundaries. I’m always climbing on things – park benches, gates, buildings, poles, cupboards, tables, counter tops, rocks – anything that’s elevated, even if but a tiny bit. It keeps me sharp to see things from a different perspective, to observe life from a new point of view – I see so many new and different things by just stepping up a little. The curbs I’m collecting help keep me in the space I’ve been in since I was old enough to walk.