Light patterns, reflections and projections – how light has changed my environment


I started looking and now I can’t stop! Light patterns are everywhere! And they are wonderful and elusive…I simply cannot catch them all!

1. the track lights throw straight lines in every direction on the ceiling of the church – also, one light makes polka dots on the ceiling

2. the sunlight plays on one side of each tiny torso in my sculpture – highlighting each curve

3. Every plastic surface I see catches & bounces light in a hundred ways

4. the trim where the floor and wall meet (plastic) shoots the light in a straight line fast and hard down the hall as I walk – I can never catch it (and never will)

5. the steel can on the windowsill is lit up like a mirror with a light on it

6. the sun coming in the windows lays yellow rectangles all over the floor & walls

7. the shadows on the floor are layered – piling up on top of each other

8. as I look around the studio right now I see that light takes the form of everything it lands on – circles, lines, dots, squiggles, squares, triangles, streaks, stripes, cracks…it’s everywhere! it colors everything I see

9. the train passes – my reality of the train is based on the distorted, curved reflection of a partial train coming through the window & playing across the glass in a framed painting on the wall – an impression of a reflection of the train layered over a painted impression of someone else’s reality

10. one penny catches the light – one bright spot that’s always there, I keep going back to it, I find that bright spot everywhere I go

Okay…that’s the list I’ve come up with for EXPLORATION #3. I’m really excited about looking at light and how my impression of my environment has changed based on my heightened awareness of the light all around me.

And now for a few images of light sneaking around my world…

This antique mirror is daily reflecting light on the wall in an installation art piece of mine.

This antique mirror is daily reflecting light on the wall in an installation art piece of mine.

reflected light patterns on the trash can

layers of light bouncing off plastic, walls and a painting

How many ways the light reflects off a single surface (paper and wax), how the light moves through the pieces, and the sheer brightness of light coming in the door…

This is one of my favorites – sunlight coming out from under a closed door. The darkness in the photo allows me to focus on how bright the light is.

If you look close enough at the reflections of light all around you may see a new composite reality – there’s a car reflected in three prints, coming together to make a whole car, which is not really a car at all…