Kickstarter and the opportunity to focus

Hey everyone!

True to form, one never knows exactly what I’m going to post next…sure, it fits a general category – food, fiber, art, travel, photography, and stories of the unconventional life of an artist. Well, today my post is about the unconventional life of an artist – and an opportunity to help a dear friend of mine in her pursuit of said life.

Bethany Rusen is an amazing artist that I had the privilege of spending three years with in graduate school. She currently lives and works on her art in Philadelphia. If you have a minute, check out this site she put together explaining her current project (this is where I get excited) that’s going on permanent display at the Please Touch Museum® in Philadelphia. The project will take roughly two months to complete and I can’t wait to see photos of the completed piece (and some day travel to Philly…).

Just a hint – the main materials she will use in her installation piece are donated toys…and everyone can relate to toys…

Okay, enough from me…check out the project in Bethany’s own words (and see if you can spot the tiny purple guitar : ):

Personal Possession: an installation of new & recycled toys