A mountain hike…

Honestly, it’s already snowed twice here on the front range of Colorado…much more up in the high country. But, I was looking through photos (who has time to do that?!) and found these lovely views from a hike we took back in August (actually it was our anniversary mountain adventure day)…and they were too good not to share.

All of these photos were taken on an hour hike down in one of the meadows of Rocky Mountain National Park, just through the entrance west of Estes Park. I know, usually we try to drive up and up and up to see what we can see, but this time we stayed down in the low areas and spotted elk and flowers and babbling brooks…and a seriously awesome view of the mountains up above.

Next on our hike we saw this huge boulder split right in half. Wow!

And there were these sweet little white flowers snuggled right in next to the rocks.

And last but definitely not least, this wonderful gnarled tree stood proud against the blue sky and mountains of pines.