Happy anniversary Handsome…and I’m not talking to Mr. Kitty

To that very special writer of mine – happy 5 year anniversary!

It’s been an adventure-filled 5 years for sure! Here are a few things we’ve done:

  • lived in 3 states (one of them twice)
  • visited 25 (or 26) states and 5 countries
  • been invited to over 50 weddings (missed almost 50 weddings…so sorry everyone!)
  • dined with millionaires, hit the subway in New York and Kyiv, jumped out of an airplane (leaving the pilot with a hot pink mohawk inside : ), watched whales in Nova Scotia, hooked a rug in the rug-hooking capital of the world, had schnitzel and hefeweizen in Frankfurt
  • been to 13 islands (I know, not a big deal…but we’re two kids from Nebraska)
  • lived on the great plains, by the ocean, and next to the Rockies
  • made it through a graduate program, unemployment and homelessness
  • learned portion control, discovered other great proteins (black beans yea! – we come from meat and potato land), grown greens, made cheese, yogurt and beer
  • slept in an airport, driven 28 hours straight and only stopped because of the blizzard, ridden on 2 overnight trains…slept on one
  • had 5 gardens – I’d say one for each year, but really it’s more like one for each apartment or balcony
  • started a business, started writing a book, had 3 library cards and four laptops
  • driven the Cabot Trail…backwards, owned 4 cars (not all at the same time), restored a 1970s horse trailer…wiring and all
  • dried hundreds of tasty tomatoes, eaten calamari, scooped out the tomalley with a potato chip while eating lobster in Maine, been on a scalloper, stood under a full-grown whale skeleton, seen Ground Zero and  been inside the Statue of Liberty
  • taught and learned welding, ridden horses, driven cattle, shot guns, gone fishing and hiking, driven over the Continental Divide, saw a moose and her calf, and visited Niagara Falls in January

While all of these things are great and fun…it would be nothing without you Aaron! Thank you so much for your unfailing patience with me and love for me. I am so very blessed that God chose you for me and me for you. I am thankful for all the fun we’ve had and memories that we share. I look forward to what comes next for us in this big world. After coming back from Ukraine, my heart hurts for the orphans there, as I know yours does too. Only God knows what’s in store for us – we just need to be willing and ready to serve! There is no one I’d rather serve alongside than you handsome!


– abbie