A lifestyle choice…the adventure continues

Carter Lake, ColoradoThe view from our front porch! The writer and I have returned from Ukraine, spent a week in Nebraska digging in the garden, and are now back in Colorado in a tent looking for a little house to rent to call our very own for the next year or so. The task of finding a place to live is a bit daunting for me, but I know God’s timing is perfect and it’s up to me to wait on Him.

Until we find the perfect little place, we are planning on sticking the tent in similar locations to the one pictured above, which was at Carter Lake. I snapped this photo out the door of our tent after just waking up…and before coffee. Perhaps that’s why it’s a bit slanted!

As for photos and stories from our trip to Ukraine, please come back soon. I must gather my thoughts and photos before sharing! Thanks for checking in a have a wonderful weekend!