Could the world reverse itself? Installation art piece by Abbie R Powers

“And as I lay there, I had the slightest feeling that the world could reverse itself, that I was up and the ceiling down.” Susan Clotfelter,

As an artist I have the unique opportunity to impact the people who see the work I make. This piece, titled the calm [wherein lies my family, my home], quietly asked people to slow down, perhaps even lay down, and rest for a while underneath its soft, calming wings.

The piece was made up of roughly 125 sewn forms that resembled upside down calla lilies – I cut triangles out of a wool blanket that had been felted, stitched the triangles into cone forms and then added small colorful spheres of fabric inside each cone. I then created a grid on the ceiling of the room and suspended each cone from the grid at a certain height.

The final shape took on a cone form as well, with the highest point in the form hanging just above head-height. This invited the viewer to step under the piece and discover the colorful interiors of each unique cone. The interiors went from satiny white at the highest point on the form down to reds and purples and eventually to velvety black on the lowest point of the form.

Most of the people who viewed the installation art piece laid down on the floor to look up into the cones. When I laid down on the floor and relaxed underneath the piece, I had the feeling like it was raining on me, without actually getting wet! It was really relaxing and calming to rest under the cone form and gaze up at the individual cones suspended above me.

This piece was installed for the show glass.fiber.stone in Loveland, Colorado at the Feed and Grain. The other piece I made, a large scale weaving, is located here. To read a blog post about these two installation art pieces, go here.