Hours in the cherry tree – homemade cherry pie!

It’s that time of year! Okay, so it’s actually one month early…but that’s how it is this year in Colorado and Nebraska. It’s cherry harvest time!

My parents have an orchard on their farm in Nebraska, and in that orchard is an old cherry tree. I used to hit myself in the head (on accident) on the branches when I was tearing around the orchard on the lawn mower…I mean diligently mowing the yard! : ) These cherries are wonderful and they make the absolute best cherry pie I’ve ever tasted. If we let the cherries get completely ripe, the birds will have a circus and eat all the cherries. So, we have to harvest the cherries just before they are ripe, resulting in a deep red, tart cherry pie.

I spent hours and hours when I was a child sitting around the kitchen table pitting cherries with my sisters. Cherry juice went everywhere, our hands were covered in cherry juice, and we had juice in our hair and all over our clothes!

With this plethora of cherries, it was only natural for me to find and perfect a cherry pie recipe. It’s the most requested dessert from my father, and when I was in high school, it was legend around town!

I baked a cherry pie for my father yesterday as his father’s day gift. He gets so excited when he finds out there’s a pie baking up in the oven! (And, as I’ve lived in other states for 5 years, he doesn’t get one of my homemade pies that often!) We all sat down around the kitchen table (yes, the same one I spent hours and hours pitting cherries around when I was a girl) and had thick slices of pie…and some coffee! And, the pie is so good that it’s acceptable for everyone to lick their plates clean!

There’s a reason my dad spends so many hours up in the tree picking these great cherries: pie!