Juicy Summer Silk Scarves!

Here they are! Hand dyed silk scarves made by me. I posted a while back about trying a new technique called shibori – I take the raw silk fabric and dye it a solid color. I then tie it up with yarn to create a pattern and dye it again a darker color. The results are always different and always awesome! I am having such a blast with this technique because I never know quite what I am going to get…

Here’s the original post about shibori with process photos and finished scarves.

What is one to do with one of these super fun scarves? Well…I like to use one as a head wrap and tie it up around my hair. Or tie one around the waist of a fancy dress to add a contrasting color. Or tie one in a big bow and pin it on my skirt. Or slip chunky beads on one and wear it as a necklace. Or simply drape it around my neck and wear it as a scarf!

There are so many ways to wear them and so many colors! How can I pick just one…?!

If you would like to see the other scarves, dripping with juicy colors and funky patterns, check out my ETSY shop!