glass.fiber.stone : a contemporary installation art exhibit at the historic Feed and Grain in Loveland

Exciting news: I will be one of the artists featured in the show glass.fiber.stone at the Historic Loveland Feed and Grain building.

I have been in my studio working hard! This show is rapidly approaching and I am getting more excited each day!

The show is only a 3 day event (and I say event, because yes, it will be quite the to-do here in Loveland!), so get out of the house and come on down to see the awesome installation art work that will be inhabiting the open spaces and nooks and crannies in the amazing Feed and Grain. If you’ve never been in the Feed and Grain, you are in for a treat!

Here’s the official info:

June 22-24, 2012

Friday: 6-9pm  is the Opening Reception Featuring music by Wendy Woo and glass blowing demonstrations

I will also be doing a performance at the opening on Friday night. I am weaving a large piece of cloth using repurposed clothing donated by Loveland Habitat for Humanity. The finished piece will be 11 feet x 12 feet and will be made entirely of cloth. This performance will take place on the porch on the west side of the Feed and Grain. I will also be working on the weaving throughout the weekend.

Saturday: 11-7pm             Sunday: 10-1pm

This exhibition will showcase several established artists whose medium is glass, fiber and stone at the Loveland Feed and Grain. Large scale, contemporary glass installations, textile and fiber art, along with modern stone sculptures.  Opening reception activities will include demonstrations in glass blowing techniques, fiber performance art, and music. **taken directly from the glass.fiber.stone website**

Want to see more of the Loveland Feed and Grain: check out this website to read all about this amazing landmark. There are several pictures of this wonderful building, as well as information about plans for artspace (America’s Leading Nonprofit Real Estate Developer for the Arts) to come in to town. Click here to read about artspace’s plan for the Feed and Grain, and to see photos of the different phases of the project.

Have a wonderful day and I hope to see you at glass.fiber.stone!