1500 : help bring this interactive artwork to Loveland, CO!

heartstones from 1500 by Amy Uthus, photo by Amy Uthus

Two posts in one day! I know, crazy right?! I told you it’s been a busy time lately and I have so much to share with you. Here’s a little bit of fun:

Amy Uthus is bringing her piece 1500 to Loveland, Colorado to participate in the glass.fiber.stone show at the Historic Loveland Feed and Grain.

The piece, as outlined on her project website, involves 1500 individual ceramic pieces, called heartstones. The hearstones have each been carefully handcrafted, each possessing their own unique qualities – no two are alike! They range in color from pure white to charcoal black, and have been polished in places. These heartstones will be arranged in a specific spot in the Feed and Grain, using LED lights to illume the piece. The public (that could be you!) that attends the show will be encouraged to take their very own heartstone home with them. Throughout the duration of the show, the piece will shift and change. Uthus will use time-lapse photography to capture the dispersion of the heartstones. This series of photographs will become a piece in its own right – serving to document the piece, and becoming the piece once the physical component has been carried off.

Where do you come in? Uthus needs help funding the travel of this piece to Loveland! She set up a project website on KickStarter that describes the creation of the piece, the idea behind the piece, and what she envisions the piece will look like in the Feed and Grain. (And she does a much better job than I just did!) As to date, she has $820 of $1067 pledged. What does pledged mean? If you would like to support the funding of this piece, you can “pledge” to donate a certain amount of money toward her project. If and only if she reaches her goal of $1067 worth of pledges will you be charged, if she does not reach her goal, no one will be charged what they have pledged. She’s $247 away from reaching her goal and has 9 days to do so! If you are interested in supporting Uthus in bringing this piece to Loveland, please go to her project website and make a pledge! Every little bit helps and each donor will receive a unique thank you item from Uthus (outlined on her project website).

If you don’t live anywhere near Loveland, but would still like to read about 1500 and Amy Uthus (and see amazing photos of her installation art work involving transparent porcelain) follow the links! Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day!