My garden exploded! [and snoopy in his natural habitat]

I went on a trip. I was gone for 2 1/2 weeks. I was not worried about my garden as my elderly neighbor has roughly 100 flower pots in and around our yard and waters my tiny lettuce garden pot before I can sneak out and grab the hose (which I am thankful for). I returned from my trip. I couldn’t believe how my garden had grown: it exploded!


Here’s the always happy Mr. Snoopy riding on his fire truck in the shadow of my lettuce! He just cracks me up and I love seeing him hiding among the garden goodies. (Where did Snoopy come from? Click here to read his story…and the story of my tiny, reckless salad garden that I planted on March 28, unheard of here in Colorado.)


So we know the lettuce has grown by leaps and bounds…what about the rest of the garden?

This the what I found upon return to our little apartment: crazy big radishes and several meals worth of lettuce and spinach ready for the eating!

And here are the close-up photos, you can see the sun shining off the wonderful homegrown leaves of these tasty plants.

Clockwise from top left: two kinds of leaf lettuce, spinach, my celery I grew without seeds, a potato plant hiding among the swiss chard and spinach, and my huge radishes…

I also came home to these beautiful blue flowers, their happy faces smiling in the sunshine.

And finally, since he is so darn cute, the Snoopster gets his own photo shoot spread:

Look at the smile on his little face! I bet you can guess what I’ll be having for lunch today…