Trivia Contest: a pendant necklace

Good Morning and Happy Friday to you! I have been absent as of late and for that I am terribly sorry. I’ve been traveling around Nebraska for weddings for two very special ladies (my mother-in-law and my sister). Oh boy do I have a lot to share with you! And there are pictures of it all!

The matter at hand: Trivia Contest!

The question: What is my cat’s full name?

Hint: I may start by searching the “About Abbie” page, that is, unless you know the handsome fellow personally ; )

If you are not familiar with my Trivia Contest, go here to read all about it, and to find some great tips and hints.

The prize: A pendant necklace made from a single spent bullet casing on a new black chain. (Yes, I did spend the bullet : ).

The winner: will be announced Saturday, June 2 by 5 pm. Happy Trivia!