Snoopy steals radish! The first harvest from my tiny salad garden…

I harvested my first radish of the season! I went against all good advice and planted my salad garden March 28th (not a very wise thing here in Colorado). But, we’ve had such an incredibly warm spring that followed a mild winter, so I thought I may as well drop a few seeds down. If nothing came up, I wasn’t out much!

But a lot has come up! The radishes are on the left in the front and they are growing like mad. The lettuce in front right, spinach back right, collards and swiss chard back middle and left. And, I have some tiny basil plants poking up. I transplanted my organic, seedless windowsill celery plant as it was outgrowing its pot, so it’s hanging out in the very top right corner, green as can be! I also dropped a few tiny sprouting potatoes into the dirt and have some enthusiastic potato plants.

Happy lettuce and a tasty radish ready for picking.

I harvested my first radish and then the Snoopster snatched it and tried zooming off with it (I think I even heard tiny sirens….). Alas, the radish was much too big for Snoopy’s rig and I ended up with it. (Look at the smile on Snoopy’s face :).

Happy Monday and for those of you who dig in the dirt, happy harvesting!

Garden planted: 3.28.12

First green baby plants: 4.5.12

First radish: 5.13.12

(I could harvest some spinach and lettuce, but mom just brought me several bags from her gardens in Nebraska!)