Rolls: sweet, warm, yeasty and delicious…and super easy!

There’s nothing like the smell of freshly baked bread filling the house with its sweet, yeasty warmth. Well, maybe breaking open that first hot, steamy roll and letting it melt in your mouth! Today’s post is about rolls, you guessed it!

The writer enjoyed many a roll growing up, as the wonderful woman behind this recipe is a family friend. She was also a rural school cook and is a bit famous in that neck of the woods in Nebraska. A wonderful paper recipe book was put together, with the help of the cook, so all could continue to enjoy her wonderful meals after she stopped cooking at the school. The recipes make enough to feed 40-50 school children, so for me to use them, I must calculate the appropriate amounts for an apartment kitchen!

You can see the writer’s chicken scratch on the left, doing some quick calculations to cut this recipe down to size. It still made a ton of rolls, half of which we put in the freezer.

The recipe is quick and easy to whip up, with time for the dough to double (a nice walk while we were waiting). I do believe I let the dough rise too long the second time, as when the rolls were cooking, they fell a bit and came out a touch flat. But, they still tasted wonderful, so all was not lost!

The rolls hanging out in their toasty hot oven…and then cooling on the rack on the table. I hope I’ve inspired you to make something toasty and tasty today! Oh, and if you want any of the other recipes you can use the main dough in, let me know (like the cinnamon rolls, runzas, pizza, etc… : )