Here comes the bride [a special wedding shawl for my sister]

Greetings! I have a very special project to share with you today. I am making a shawl for my sister to wear at her wedding in a couple of weeks. She picked out the colors and gave an idea for size, but the rest was completely up to me! So, I picked the yarns I wanted to use (and by that I mean raw alpaca fleece…keep reading and you’ll see : ) and got to work.

My sister chose 3 colors, a camel color, a chocolate color and a teal color as an accent. This is where I started: 

So you just saw the raw alpaca fleece carded and pulled into a roving ready to spin. Next, I spun this fluffy goodness into yarn on my very special spinning wheel, Queenie.

The middle picture is me spinning the camel-colored yarn on my friend’s spinning wheel (not my franken-wheel : ). And the photo on the right is the camel-colored yarn all spun up and wound onto my center-pull ball winder.

After the yarn is spun, I wash it to clean up the fiber and remove any residual dirt from its time on the alpaca. This photo shows the yarn hanging to dry, weighted with a spray bottle to help set the twist. When it’s dry, I will measure it for use on my loom.

Here’s the teal yarn! Isn’t it vibrant?! I measured exactly the right amount of Suri yarn (the dread-lock alpacas : ) for the shawl, then dyed it teal.

And here’s the photo of all three yarns together, to give you an idea of the final piece. I would love to show you more pictures right now, but I don’t want to spoil the surprise for my sister, so stay tuned after Memorial Weekend, and I will show you the final woven shawl (hopefully on the bride!).