Trivia Contest Tips and Hints: necklace, felt balls, hand spun yarn

What a wonderful sunny morning we are having here in Colorado. I’m writing a quick post to give you a few TIPS and HINTS for winning the trivia contests that happen every 1st and 15th of the month (that’s every other week)!

Why play: the winner will receive a special prize, free of charge, shipped right to their door for free. The prize has been a pair of fleece earrings made from hand dyed alpaca and merino sheep wool. But, I’m going to be adding other prizes, such as: a hand-made charm or pendant necklace, hand spun yarn, dyed silk scarves, felt balls, felted silk scarves, and coupon codes to my ETSY shop. The prize will be announced with the trivia question each time.


I try to post in the morning on the trivia contest days. The contests generally end in the evening on the same day. The contests happen EVERY 1ST AND 15TH OF THE MONTH, like clockwork. You can count on it! Even if I’m traveling, I will still post the trivia question and send something fancy to the winner.

You can post your answer on either the blog post or the facebook page. I will check both.

Even if you get the answer wrong, you may still be able to win. How does this work? If only a few people answer, and no one gets the answer right, all names will be put into a hat, and one winner will be drawn. If several people answer correctly, the same will happen. And, if only one person answers, and they answer wrong, they are still the winner!

And here’s the biggest hint I will give you: I google every question I post to see how easy it will be for you to find the answer. Yes, that’s right, I type the posted question in my google bar and read what comes up in the first few results in google. If the answer is not immediately there, I will rewrite the question until it is. That means the answer is just a few clicks away!

Finally, you may not want a pair of earrings, or a silk scarf, but my guess is you know someone who would. If this is the case, when you win, provide me the address of that someone special and I will send the prize, wrapped up all nice, directly to them. (I can include a special note from you if you’d like : ).

That’s all I can think of at the moment. Any questions? Have a wonderful Friday!