Shibori! Uh…what?

Good Morning! I hope you are having a wonderful Friday. And that your weekend is full of possibility…

Yesterday was a wonderful day in the studio – what freedom there is in pursuing what makes your heart sing! I am preparing for two upcoming events: a silk felted scarf class (with alpaca fleece) and a scarf party, so I’ve been in the kitchen dyeing silk scarves. Yesterday I decided to try shibori. What the heck is shibori?

Shibori is a Japanese term that covers several methods of cloth dyeing: the varied techniques include tying, binding, compressing, twisting, stitching and folding, to name a few.

I’ve cut out the silk scarves and tied them in varying ways to see what patterns I could come up with. I used crochet string to bind the silk, wrapping around and around until I achieved the desired widths. The red cloth was folded and then tied, resulting in a mirrored pattern. The following pictures show the process each scarf underwent to achieve the patterns shown. Enjoy! (Stay tuned until the end, there’s a cute surprise : )

I do believe I love this process, and look forward to trying more patterns. I have also been thinking of over-dyeing (layering the dye) to achieve different colors in the patterns (rather than white and one color). And now for that super cute surprise:

Ta Da! Aren’t they adorable?! They are little balls made of felt with a cotton core. All materials are the waste/left overs from other processes: the cotton core is made from the knots I cut off the loom after I’ve woven a table runner and the fleece is what I clean off the wool carder (lines up all the fleece so I can spin it in to lovely yarn). I love these little guys. I think they should have their own theme song! (I have a feeling that they will soon multiply and start taking over our apartment… : )