Silk Scarves drying in the warm breeze





A little visual interest on this bright and sunny Saturday morning. I am preparing for a felted silk scarf class next weekend* and have been dyeing up some silk scarves. I hung them out on the patio to dry in the warm breeze.













They remind me of a box of crayons: full of bright colors and so many possibilities! I have a hard time choosing which is my favorite…

When I am dyeing the silk, I have to remind myself to use all of the colors, so each person that ends up with a scarf can find exactly the perfect color that belongs to them. I like to think about where the scarves will go, in whose houses they will live, where they will travel…



Someday I would love to have another picture similar to this, but with rolling hills, pastures full of wildflowers or the ocean in the background!



I included this one because I love the lines, the composition, how the photo disappears into the sky and that pop of green peeking out of the planter in the foreground. The white railing, with its fancy scroll-work, frames the bright silk scarves. A great way to start the day!

* If you cannot make it to the felted silk scarf class, but still want to make your own beautiful, soft silk scarf from my hand-dyed silk and alpaca fleece, I will be putting together kits soon with step-by-step instructions and photos!