The day the sun turned red

Today I am not going to share any “how-to”s, or show photos of a project I (and by I, I usually mean the writer and I…) have finished. I won’t share any funny stories (or embarrassing or self-incriminating). And I won’t show you that handsome little Snoopy fellow riding around on the fire truck protecting and encouraging my radishes to grow. And I’m not giving away any earrings until the 1st of May (so please come back and play trivia with me).

I will share with you these really interesting photos of the day the sun turned red. We were staying down in Denver with my cousins and went outside to finish up a silk felted scarf we were working on (why outside? because you have to slam it against the table and we didn’t want to throw soap all over the kitchen…so we went outside to slam it against the concrete : ). The sky kept getting lighter and darker and the sun was amazing!

As it turns out, there was a major fire up in the mountains and what we were seeing was the sun filtering through the smoke cloud. (I don’t want this to turn into a serious post about the danger of fire, but seriously, when it’s crazy dry and the wind blows, fire control is a major concern). On a bit happier note, it was an amazing privilege to get to look directly at the sun and see all of the rich reds and oranges. I only wish my camera took better distance photos!

I can say since we moved to Colorado, I have a greater respect for fire and the damage it can do. I also have a greater appreciation for a spectacular sunset…especially if that sun is sinking behind those amazing Rocky Mountains.