The radishes are up – and Snoopy is here to supervise

They’re here! They’re here! Those wonderful radish sprouts that never cease to amaze me with their enthusiasm have arrived. We’ve had a wonderfully warm spring (and delightfully mild winter for that matter) and the ground didn’t quite harden up like usual. So, come the end of March, I planted a garden. I know, part daring, part reckless for this Colorado transplant. The freeze-warning lasts into June here, leaving this dirt girl itching to plant some seeds! So I did it. I went against all local and accepted gardening advice here in Colorado and I threw some seeds in the ground (literally, I threw them, I didn’t want an organized salad garden…I wanted a little chaos: ). And look what’s coming up!

And yes, I did get down on my hands and knees to snap these photos…and that’s how I usually monitor the progress of my garden…from a worm’s eye view. And here’s my Snoopy riding his cherry red fire engine protecting my tiny plot. Or perhaps he’s addressing the gathering masses – inciting them to grown big and tall so I can have a tasty salad! (Where did the Snoopster come from and why is he riding around my salad garden? Go here to find out.)

And here’s the bird’s-eye view: this is why I give you the worm’s-eye view. It doesn’t look like a whole lot is going on here. But, don’t be fooled! Much is happening…and I’m getting oh so excited. And yes, I check the freeze warning every night. I am thinking of ways to find some free mulch to top my garden off. Would it be shady to take it out of the ever-growing grass pile in the alley? It’s next to the dumpster…so is that the same as dumpster diving?

And another close up. Are you getting excited yet?! Look at those perfect leaves, they’re like little hearts smiling up at me every time I go outside!

And if you didn’t get enough of Snoopy at the top of the page…here he is again. Have a great Saturday and enjoy this wonderful spring day!

And oh, the basil, lettuce, spinach and collards are just poking up too, but they aren’t nearly as cute or zealous of these radishes…