The Great Celery Harvest: the green gift that keeps on giving

Good Morning and happy Friday! I thought I would share the progress of my wonderful windowsill celery plant (from The Celery Saga Continues). This little plant is the happiest windowsill plant I’ve ever seen (other than my succulents, which I adore). It’s also the fastest growing…and then there are the potatoes I’m growing in a butter tub…stay tuned!

At any rate, here are some photos of my enthusiastic, organic celery plant grown without seeds on my windowsill. (how-to: buy stalk of organic celery, cut off root end, plant to half its depth in moist soil…wait)

This photo was taken April 7...steadily growing!

A side by side comparison shot of my wonderful celery plant (I should give it a name…any ideas?) The photos were taken 4 days apart…

This little guys fills out the pitcher! I checked some dates today and it’s been exactly one month since the very first tiny leaves started poking out of the center of my celery root: this means harvest! What does one do with tiny celery stalks with big bushy leaves? I made an egg salad sandwich with super awesome flavor thanks to these two little stalks…the possibilities go on and on! It’s the most flavorful celery I’ve ever tasted, and I love knowing that no chemicals were used in the life of my celery plant.

(I am tempted to pull the root end up like a 7-year-old to see what the roots look like, I am just so curious…but I will exercise some self-control for the sake of my egg salad sandwiches : )