Confession: I am a collector of things, preferably like items with a little quirk

If you know me, or have been following me for any bit of time, you would know by now that I absolutely love collections of items. And that I am an enthusiastic (I almost used rabid, but thought that was a little extreme) gatherer of like items. Much to the chagrin of the writer, as I not only bring these collections into our home, but I arrange, organize, rearrange and reorganize said groups of items. I love it. They make me smile! A few different groups I have hanging around: heart-shaped rocks, tiny seashells, dead clocks (we even have a special spot on the wall for dead clocks), buttons, cow teeth, mugs, pine cones, antique silverware, plants, marbles, and bones to name a few. So, I put together this little post just for you, to share these quirky collections of items: all photos were shot during preparation for my little sister’s wedding.

P.s.: If you didn’t notice, all of these collections deal with food: cocoa and tea, dinnerware, silver set for coffee and tea, and hand-stamped letter hang tags to adorn handmade tea bags. Ha, me thinking about food…who would have guessed!