Friday afternoon and the sun is shining! [sunbathing alpacas : ]

I love Fridays and today is no exception. The sun is shining so brightly here today and the mountains are as crisp as ever!

I put together a list of Friday fun:

  • This morning I skyped with my sister and her husband: they live in Cambodia and were having a monsoon type rainstorm that blew their doors open. Don’t worry, their walls have tile 4 feet up, so even if it floods, they’ll be great! It was lovely to hear their stories about life in Cambodia. It’s been so hot there she made yogurt in the spare bedroom (no oven needed)!
  • I toured the Loveland Feed and Grain this morning. It was built in the late 1800s and is still in amazing shape. It has 5 levels and a basement with molasses pits. You absolutely have to see this building to believe it! (google Loveland Feed and Grain…) There’s going to be an art show there this summer featuring stone, fiber, and glass installation artists. How exciting!
  • The picture at the top is of a lady alpaca named Saffron. She loves the sun too and is sunning her belly in the Colorado sunshine. I thought you might enjoy this picture!
  • I wandered around Home Depot for a bit today. That is definitely one of my favorite things: wandering around hardware stores. I think it’s so funny that everyone needs to ask me if I need help. I generally have a list of items and measurements, so I know exactly what I need and where to find it. I just enjoy wandering and thinking of all the things I could build and what I could do with the fun materials. I did leave with a couple of discount boards for a total $1.02 and a roll of nylon cord.
  • Tonight I plan to load my loom and weave a scarf for my mother-in-law for her birthday. She chose a light blue and white and I’m really excited to see how it will turn out!
  • I need to water my garden. The seeds are doing what seeds do just under the soil and the sun is doing what the sun does just over the soil. I should give it a nice drink to let the water do what it does. And then I can do what I do and have a salad.
  • And finally, here’s a wonderful baby alpaca just minutes after it was born. Enjoy and have a great Friday!