Because Buttons are Awesome!

A little insight into how I work: when the creative streak hits, watch out! I often think about a project or new product for some time before executing, and even then it may sit, half-finished until I am ready to complete the process. Ask the writer, I have little piles of materials or half incubated “ideas” sitting around the apartment. I try to confine (or move) them to my studio, but don’t always exceed. These wonderful buttons have been sitting on our kitchen windowsill for a week and a half, there’s a mason jar with cow teeth soaking in bleach on the bathroom counter, 2 salad spinners languishing in the corner of the bathroom (waiting to spin some fleece dry : ), a half-woven scarf on my loom under the “mail catcher” side-table, and my tailors tape hangs from my seat at the kitchen table (looped, as it’s really 2 taped together so I can measure long stuff in a moment’s notice). At any rate, they will all come to completion (and move out of our apartment) some time or another. Until then…Happy Friday!

Don't worry, I put everything away before supper!