Vibrant Silk Scarves! Jewel tones, spring colors and velvety alpaca fleece…

Greetings and happy Friday! I hope everyone has a great weekend ahead of them. Here are a few fun photos to pore over with your Friday afternoon coffee or steamy cup of tea!

Hot off the press (or shall I say roll of bubble wrap) these scarves are bright, warm and wonderful. Each one has a layer of hand-dyed silk and a layer of super soft dyed or natural color alpaca fleece. Through the felting process the fleece works its way through the silk fabric and felts on both sides, creating a solid final piece with no stitching or glue or anything, just silk and alpaca fiber!

Take a look and enjoy! Oh, and if you really, really like one of these, check out my Etsy shop for these and other scarves listed. Or, email me and we’ll chat. If you want another color or size, I would be more than happy to whip one up just for you! Feel free to share this post with friends you think would like these scarves… And now for more eye candy: