A Fiber Frenzy Weekend! [getting dusty, kissing alpacas, inciting the masses to a passion for fiber]

I’ve been busy. Really busy. But I love it. So what have I been up to? Besides sending my little sister and her new husband to Cambodia for a 6 month internship with Samaritan’s Purse, traveling to the good old state of Nebraska,

Yvi learning how to spin (and demonstrating her new skills)!

spending time with a dear friend Yvi from Germany, and hiking up and down small mountains, I have been demonstrating fiber arts techniques for the curious and interested general public.

This past weekend was the Alpaca Extravaganza in Longmont, Colorado. I organized two days of fiber demos and general fiber fun for the event. There were hundreds of people in attendance, most of whom were thoroughly interested in/entertained by the process of moving the raw fiber from the animal to the finished state of a woven or felted scarf. And always a crowd pleaser: the spinning wheel. There’s definitely something captivating and calming about watching a spinner take a bit of fluff and turn it into yarn!

I also met with a new gallery owner in downtown Loveland (who happens to be from Massachusetts!) and attended a networking event for small business owners in town. Today is promising to be another busy day with a photo shoot on the agenda, some spinning that needs to get done, two websites that need to be built and a creative meeting at church this evening. I think I’ll put a roast in the crock-pot and get started! One final, lovely picture of a young alpaca named Theodore…