Color Block and Felted Silk – scarves 12 and 13

Greetings and Happy Friday! Forgive me for not writing in a few days: it’s been busy around here to say the least. I have been preparing for a night of fiber arts demos at a shop downtown – I am going to be the featured artist tonight for Night On The Town arts and gallery walk here in town. And, across the street, I have several pieces of installation art up for a Pop-Up Gallery and wine tasting event this evening. Busy night tonight indeed! So, without more delay, here are today’s scarves: one woven from mill- and hand-spun yarn and one felted silk scarf. Enjoy!

This first scarf was a real treat to weave, I’ve been practicing my spinning on my improved wheel, trying to get a fine yarn to ply with itself. This allows me to use the plied yarn as a warp yarn because of its strength. The grey warp yarn is the hand-spun and the dyed edges are mill-spun yarn from Stargazer Ranch Alpacas.

Here is the set-up process on my little loom, which I am growing to appreciate more and more everyday! First, I draw each yarn through the reed (left) and then I tie the whole thing to my loom (right). The final measurements are 8 1/4 inches by 54 inches, so the yarns nearly filled up the reed on the loom.

A quick photo during the weaving process: the reed is in the up position. And the scarf waiting to have its ends tamed. I use scraps of fabric to pack the yarns in at the beginning and the end of the weaving – then I remove them and twist and tie the warp yarns to finish off the scarf.

And on a final note, here is a silk and alpaca fiber felted scarf. I hand-dyed the silk before adding alpaca fiber to the edges to felt it together. Thanks for spending time checking out what I’ve been up to and have a great weekend.