scarves 8, 9 and 10! (what a saturday…)

Greetings and happy Saturday evening! I’ve been a busy lady today and will not bore you will lots of fiber arts lingo…here are pictures, pictures and more pictures.

I spent the afternoon with wet and soapy hands making laminated (hybrid or nuno) felted scarves. The process – take some silk, lay down raw fiber (alpaca, sheep, etc), get it wet and soapy, roll it up in bubble wrap and roll until you get tired. Take a coffee break and then unroll and reroll and roll and roll and roll. Check it and roll some more. Pretty soon you can crumple it up and slam it against the table and soap it some more and slam it a bit more. Then wash and wear! *dry first please*

My sister gave me a bit of special fabric, so I cut it and made this lovely scarf.



Next is a grey scarf – one side is fleece and the other a hand-dyed silk. This one was fun to make and took a lot of slamming on the table!



And finally, a ruffly blue silk scarf with grey fiber edges.

What a fun day I had – lots of elbow grease and soap everywhere. These will be up in the Etsy shop hopefully next week. Thanks for looking and have a great weekend. Oh, and I think I will try to make it 2 weeks of A Scarf In A Day…so stay tuned to a few more scarves.