Jewels – scarf #7

Here it is! Scarf Number 7- Jewels. This scarf is made entirely from handspun alpaca singles (not plied, only one strand of spun yarn) that I spun on my drop spindle when I was perfecting the art of dropping and spinning. I assure you, I dropped it many times! The ends are natural color and the body of the scarf was hand-painted by me (hand-painted is a fancy term for “I dyed that”). The yarn used is very fine (near lace weight) so the resulting scarf is very thin and has a great drape.

I included this picture because it’s fun to see how the scarf got its start – here Mr. Kitty is intent on being in the middle of things! I was using the homemade swift to hold the skein while I used the warping board (what Mr. Kitty is sitting in) to measure the warps. And next comes the set-up, nice and clean and messy, messy. The right hand picture makes me think of an angry octopus – as long as that handsome furry friend of mine stays out of the strings, all is well!

Next up, the process of weaving. This one took me a bit longer than usual as the weft yarn was very fine. The finer the weft yarn, the longer it takes to build up cloth.

And a detail shot to give you an idea of the fineness of the yarn and how the hand-painted yarn looks.

I couldn’t leave you without showing you the scarf in action, so here it is! Have a happy weekend…