Veronica – scarf number 6

I know, I know, scarf number 6 is a day late. For that, my apologies. Our internet has been down for two days, so I was unable to post this lovely scarf for you yesterday. Let’s just pretend like Wednesday didn’t happen and that I didn’t miss a day. Also, I will tack another scarf onto the end just for you. That makes it an 8 day week – a true statement for a small business owner, trying to fit 8 days of work into 7 days! Without further ado – here she is!

You may notice that Veronica was woven on a new loom. Yep, that’s right, I got a new loom. Well, I got some plywood and a few dowels and made a new loom. I will post that story next week! So, that makes Veronica the first ever challenge for my lovely little loom.

And the good news is, she held up just fine. About the scarf: she’s a bit sassy and a bit wonderful. She’s made from almost all handspun yarn from an alpaca named Curious (grey, not purple). The purple yarn was mill-spun and added a bit of sassy punch. The warp yarn is a grey single plied with a black thread and the weft, grey singles. She measures about 4.5 inches by 75 inches.

Here I am finishing the edges of the scarf – pulling out 6 yarns at a time to braid them together. Then I trim the ends and tuck the weft end in with a darning needle. Lastly, I “full’ the scarf in a bath of lukewarm water and dawn dish soap – this allows the yarns compressed during the weaving process to “full” back out to normal size. After a rinse and a dry (laid flat on a towel over night) I do a photo shoot with that handsome writer behind the camera. Soon though, he will be in front of the camera!