Black and Blue Plaid: Scarf #5

This is scarf Number 5 in my series of a Scarf In A Day! It is made from white, blue, black and grey alpaca yarn. The black and grey yarn was handspun by me on my spinning wheel The Queen Anne’s Revenge or on my drop spindle. The white yarn is mill-spun and the fiber was raised on the alpaca ranch where I worked as a farm hand for 10 months. Enjoy the pictures and the last day of January!

Here I am bundled up in this lightweight but super warm scarf. I do not have any process pictures for this scarf, let’s just say it’s been a busy week!

The scarf lounging in the Colorado sun. And finally, a good look at the plaid pattern. I generally weave the plaid in an organic manner- I have an idea of how tight or wide I want the plaid to be, and then I start weaving. As long as there are vertical (warp) stripes and horizontal (weft) stripes, there will be plaid!

And one final note: I hope you have been enjoying all of the colors and patterns in the scarves from the Scarf In A Day series. I will be running a contest in the near future where you can enter a color/design scheme and I will make the top (5 perhaps) scarves. Then I will post the scarves so everyone can vote on the top scarf (the winner). The designer will then get the scarf for free in the mail. A present for you! Yippee! (Please stay tuned for contest details…)