Scarf Number 2: with mountain views

Alright- here it is! Scarf Number 2 with images of the set-up of the loom, weaving of the scarf and the finished product. This scarf was made from 100% alpaca yarn. The warp yarn was mill-spun and then hand-dyed by me (for pictures of the dyeing process for this particular scarf, click here). The weft yarn is natural color and hand-spun be me. Overall dimensions: 6.75 inches x 76 inches including fringe. Okay, here goes:

I was sitting in a room overlooking those wonderful mountains, so I had to share that perspective with you!

This is the part that generally tries my patience…but I’ve gotten faster and better the more I weave. Here’s to making this process as quick and painless as possible! (note the coffee cup in the photos : )

More mountain views, nearing the end of weaving, and the scarf hanging in the sun waiting for its photo-op! And finally, the scarf in action!

This wonderful scarf has been sent off to its rightful owner…Enjoy and keep warm!