a scarf a day

Happy Friday! I hope all is well and that you are anticipating a great weekend.

Here is my new challenge- to make a scarf a day for the next week. Oh boy. This might be a woven scarf. This may be a felted scarf. Or this might be a felted silk scarf.

I will photograph the process (one of my favorite things) and then post it for you to see the next day. These scarves will then go up in my Etsy shop for the whole world to enjoy! Here’s scarf Number 1: named Rainbow Scarf because it reminds me of Rainbow Brite from when I was a kid!

Here's my not-so-little helper. He loves it when I play with string!

Here's the scarf in the middle of the weaving process. You can see the ends of the yarn tied on to the loom in the top of the picture.

I added a hand-spun grey yarn at the end to give it a little kick. And notice Mr. Kitty sneaking through the picture…

And a close up of the very end with the cut up shirt to pack in the last weft before I cut it off the loom.

Enjoy and stay tuned for more scarves this week!