as of late…

I have been absent as of late. For that I apologize. I do not have a specific theme for this post, other than to check in and say hello. I have been pensive this week, and we’ve been traveling. That always throws a wrench in the creative flow of what it is that I do. So, what have we been up to?

  • I wove three new scarves last week, each one more exciting than the previous. Stay tuned for photos!
  • I made cheese, yes, cheese. The chocolate cheese is my favorite. It’s a mild cheese with a smooth creamy texture, flavored with cocoa powder and honey. Yum. I will be posting pictures of the cheese-making process in the near future. Again, stay tuned!
  • We traveled to Nebraska for the big family Christmas. When I say big, I mean big- around 50 people? It’s always a blessing to spend time with my father’s jovial family- lots of hugs, food, good-natured jabs, a pick-up soccer game between the house and big red barn, intense card games and warm, toasty tea.
  • A visit to my little sister and her husband who are moving to Cambodia next month. They will be doing an internship for Samaritan’s Purse. If you should like to read about this organization, please click here. I am certain you will be hearing more about this in the future!
  • Spent time in the kitchen with my mother, baking gluten-free bread. I am amazed at how easy it is to make alternative flours out of items already on hand in the kitchen. Just add said items to a coffee grinder and you have instant flour! Oatmeal- oat flour, cornmeal- corn flour, almond- almond flour, rice- rice flour. Again, I am certain you will be hearing more about this…
  • Hugged both of my grandmothers. Enough said.
  • Used my dad’s drill press out in the shop to cut 4 1/2 inch circles out of a board to use on my spinning wheel (yes, the saga continues). This drill press is straight out of a comic book, and it’s wonderful. You have to pull on the belt to get the motor turning, then flip the switch on the wall to kick the motor on. Gears start whirring and clicking and the whole thing bucks to life. I have no idea how old it is, but I think it would work without the motor that’s mounted on the shelf next to it.
  • Read a book. I know, this sounds silly. But, for as much as I love reading, I do not often turn myself over to books other than cookbooks, books about food, books about fixing up houses, fiber arts books or magazines. If you will notice, most of these books have pictures. So, the book I am nearly done reading must be good. The title is Redeeming Love and it’s by Francine Rivers. It’s a retelling of the book of Hosea, set in California during the gold rush. The rundown: a God-fearing man takes a prostitute to be his wife, and keeps bringing her back and loving her even when she returns to prostitution. Over and over he is patient with her and loves her unconditionally. –I have not yet reached the end of the book…so I can’t tell you how it ends!
  • Today I will be baking a cake, not just any cake, Blueberry Cake. The Blueberry Cake. A yellow layer cake with fluffy, creamy dripping glaze and blueberry filling running over the sides. We only get it once a year, on my husband’s birthday. So, you guessed it, today is his birthday! Happy birthday Aaron! I will share photos and the recipe next week…

That about does it. I am sure I missed a lot. It was a great and busy week, and wonderful to spend time with family. Have a great weekend!