The Queen Anne’s Revenge: aka Edna

There I was sitting at the helm of the Queen Anne’s Revenge (Queenie) aka Edna, peddling like mad, the waves of fleece slipping through my fingers. A surge would wash over my hands, the wheel would buck and tremble, the line would break- all was not well on the seas of the spinning wheel that I have grown to simultaneously love and stately wheel Don’t get me wrong, I am so thankful to have this wheel, without it I would not experience an affinity for turning a pile of fluff into usable yarn. But with it I spend more time reattaching the fluff to the leader, adjusting the hangers used to hold the flyer in place, repositioning the drive band, replacing the drive band when it breaks, and generally being frustrated with life at the helm of this cantankerous old wheel. But it is a necessary part of life as a fiber artist, and the more time I spend with Edna (what I call her when she’s being cordial) the more passion I have for spinning. At the very least, she’s teaching me patience in a way only an old pile of wood that is suppose to have a function can. And so she and I will continue to sail the seas of fluff that I have awaiting life as yarn…until I get a nicer (more compact, more cordial and portable) wheel, or build an electric one. And now it’s off to the hardware store to see if I can find a replacement piece for the shampoo bottle lid that keeps her all together.