Saturday morning and a day full of promise

The things I’ve done today:

  • drank 2 cups of coffee (french press of course)
  • killed 3 magazines- I say kill because I read magazines like men shop- get in, get out, leave no witnesses. No really, my mother in-law and my grandmother give me stacks of their old magazines. It’s wonderful, like Christmas every time I go to Nebraska. But there’s a downside: I love reading, pictures of food, and stories about organizing and decorating a home, but I generally have several things to do on my list. The magazines can be a distraction, so I try to be efficient about my magazine time.
  • seriously burned a pan of sugar cookies. I am not proud of this. They are only edible when smeared with peanut butter. Sorry little guys.
  • Organized our two freezers until my fingers were cold
  • went through our kitchen cupboards and recycled and threw away miscellaneous unnecessary items
  • put a venison roast in the crock pot smothered with tomatoes put up from my mother’s garden this fall
  • seriously scared my husband: I asked him to rotate the cookie sheet in the oven. I forgot to tell him I had switched from sugar cookies to gingersnaps. He thought I had really, really burned this pan! (I think in a split second he lost all respect for me as a cook- I can smell burnt food before it hits that critical stage from four rooms away- only to regain respect in the next moment.)
  • made a super thick and tasty tomato soup with crusty flat bread for lunch. Again, tomatoes from the farm blended with leftover curried bulgar/potato/carrot deliciousness and then simmered on the stovetop…yum
  • Help my husband with the pounds and pounds of jerky he’s making (venison of course)
  • put the dishes away. I know, not a big deal, except if you don’t have a dishwasher and you are making soups and cookies and jerky and cake and other tasty things.

The good news: it’s only 12:30 here. The to-do list for the rest of the day:

  • dye some fiber blue for a few scarves I need to weave
  • spin some grey fiber for said scarves
  • 2-ply that grey fiber for said scarves
  • spin black yarn on drop spindle- ply it onto itself for the resulting 2-ply yarn to use in the scarves
  • measure and cut warps for said scarves
  • set up the loom for scarf number one (one could say that I plan to kill those scarves…see magazine reference at top : )
  • wander around Home Depot in search of an item to use in place of the plastic shampoo bottle cap on my spinning wheel- It works but it just isn’t cutting it.
  • go for a walk, perhaps- there is a cold front moving in
  • make some bbq sauce to eat with our pulled venison roast- homegrown tomatoes, brown sugar, vinegar, chili powder, cayenne pepper, etc… simmered for an hour on the  stove
  • Remind myself, over an afternoon cup of coffee, that just because I am a small-business owner, my entire life does not need to be consumed with the business. But I do thoroughly enjoy life as a fiber addict. : )

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy your weekend! Stay tuned to the upcoming postings this week: pictures from our super tasty Christmas dinner in Virginia, a homemade sushi how-to and the story of the traveling scarf…