A Culinary Adventure

If you know me at all, and many of you do, you know that I am always up for an adventure in the kitchen. I guess I’m always up for an adventure period, but when it involves tasting yummy things and filling my belly- I’m all in!

So this will come as no surprise. I’ve been interested in brewing beer for some time now, not just because well-made beer is tasty, but because the process is intriguing. I am all about the process (why else would I spend the time making cheese, yogurt, spinning raw fiber to make a woven scarf, etc etc…). I started with a couple of books from the library about making wine from delightful backyard fruit and concocting craft beers. The information is simple. Well, it can be simple. It also can be as complicated and complex and the brewer chooses! The equipment can be quite simple- using things already found in your kitchen, or it can begin to multiply and take over your small apartment kitchen… Overwhelmed already!

In comes Mr. Beer, a Christmas gift from the hubby’s sister and her husband. This kit includes a fermenter with a lid and drain spout (this funny guy looks like a big plastic root beer barrel candy we ate when we were kids : ), a can of hopped malt extract syrup, a packet of brewing yeast, a bag of powdered booster, and eight 1 liter plastic bottles. A book of instructions and a handy packet of no rinse sanitizer and there’s no excuse for me not to jump in- and no reason I should be able to mess this up! The brewing will begin sometime this week…stay tuned for photos and news on the process!