Goodbye 2011: Hello 2012…Happy New Year to all!

Good day to you! I say day because I don’t know which time zone or country you are reading this from (it is technically still morning here : ) I apologize for my recent absence from my keyboard- my husband and I traveled over 8,000 miles in the last 42 days. Needless to say, it’s been a busy time! We’ve gone from mountains to ocean to mountains to plains to mountains to ocean to mountains and will soon be heading back to plains. We live in a beautiful country full of wonderful people! Oh, and I found some won ton soup base that airport security was very suspicious of. I had to have my hands and luggage wiped down. But I am back in beautiful (and windy) Colorado with these parting thoughts for 2011.

  • My husband and I settled into Colorado: the anticipation of exploring and discovering a new city, state and landscape brought joy and a little trepidation.
  • The joy of seeing our families a LOT more- 6 hours is much closer than 26 hours!
  • A new adventure: employment for the better part of the year on an alpaca ranch. What a learning experience! I will never forget this opportunity and it’s played a major role in my current adventure as an artist.
  • Launching my own line of fiber arts: camelhairandhoney using alpaca fleece to make yarn and felted or woven wearables. Do what you love and you will end up loving what you do!
  • My little sister got married! What an awesome wedding. And to a great man!
  • Making new friends. One thing that is very difficult about moving to a completely alien city is creating a community for yourselves. It’s not just finding people to hang out with, it’s finding people who get excited about the same things you do.
  • Adventures in the kitchen! School is wonderful and I miss it very much, but it takes up so much time. Being out of school left me with free time that I have spent puttering around the kitchen. Discovering and trying new recipes and perfecting old ones (like recipes from my great-grandmother Irene : ). I get so excited about food that I have to share it with you!
  • Having a husband who is endlessly supportive of what I do (or don’t often do, like the dishes). But seriously, without his love and support there would be no camelhairandhoney. Thank you Aaron. (oh, and I should come clean here: the zucchini bread pictured in one of my first posts was actually mixed and baked by none other than the handsome Mr. Powers. I forgot to mention this in the post and have been hearing about it since. What a good baker! : )

I am certain there are many more things that I could have added, but it’s New Year’s Eve and we’ve all got other things we could be doing. So as a parting eye candy treat here are some photos of newly listed earrings and a hand-bound journal in my Etsy shop. Happy New Year and I hope 2012 treats you all well…