Peppermint Candy Cane handspun yarn (if I were an elf, I would wear this skein for a necklace)

Here it is! A real skein of yarn, a real white and red fluffy skein of yarn, just waiting for someone who loves it enough to turn it into a wonderful item. Knitters, crocheters, weavers take heed…there will be more to come!

My first skein spun on my lovely wheel!

I promised in the post about my wonderful spinning wheel (scroll down a bit) that I would post yarns that I lovingly spun to continue the saga of the wheel. So here it is, my first complete, 2-ply yarn. It is spun from white merino sheep wool and is plyed with maroon thread. It’s approximately 170 yards and is 10 wraps per inch (wpi). Stay tuned for more yarns, including alpaca…

What an experience it was, learning the quirks (oh boy) of my wheel and how to keep her running. I think I’ve eliminated the necessity for safety goggles. And I think she needs a name. Any ideas?